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Lack of Innovations in First Person Shooters

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in Are FPS Games All The Same?, Gaming News and Discussion, No More Innovation in FPS Games |

The ridiculousness, lack of innovation and general repetitiveness of new first person shooter games is well known. Last four or five years brought nothing new in the world of FPS and people are getting tired of the same games being named differently.

This is not a problem seen in a developer or two, and this is a problem of the whole gaming industry. We could talk about the disappearance of the strategy games in the last few years, but that is not the point. The problem with bad FPS games is that they are hitting the market.

maxresdefault (1)Call of Duty franchise is the forerunner of this genre, along with the Battlefield, and their games became repetitive. Last four Call of Duty games play in the same fashion, and the only difference between those games is whether there is a wall-running feature in it or not. The single player in those games is dreadful with the apparent lack of good ideas. Multiplayer is fast-paced and uninteresting for most of the FPS fans. The idea of the sci-fi FPS games is ridiculous and outdated, but they still force it. The lack of imagination in the creation of those games is evident, and only hardcore fans see something new and groundbreaking in them.

SnowspeederThe Battlefield franchise held its ground for a long time with new ideas and new features. The disappointment of the Battlefront was something that no one could anticipate. The hype for the Star Wars FPS game was big, and everyone expected a game that would bring them something new out of the genre. But the new game failed even to scratch the gameplay of the last Battlefront, a timeworn game. The player complained about the forums, and they all said that the guns in this game felt like the guns from the previous Battlefield. The only difference was that they shot lasers instead of the bullets which obviously disappointed everyone.

The whole genre is in a state of staleness and stagnation. Real FPS feel is something every gamer forgot. The games are overcomplicated and yet they lack a certain feel. Developers don’t seem to care about the diversity in their creations they only care about medals, kill streaks and achievements. Last good and pretty realistic game that hit the market was ARMA 3 and up to this day no game came even close to it.

Before this whole sci-fi thing, the FPS games were a focus on two World Wars, and at the beginning of that era, the games were excellent. After a while, they also lost their appeal as there was nothing new in them. New Battlefield is set in World War One, and the hype for that game is enormous. But the more experienced players still have some fears. Their main concern is that the game will feel same as these sci-fi games, and the only difference will be in the textures.

We do hope that the Battlefield One will have more innovative gameplay and less focus on killstreaks. And we also hope that it will revive the FPS genre and that we will see more good FPS games in near future.

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